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Invested: CD - EP
  • Invested: CD - EP
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”Invested” (EP 2015) is the newest addition to the Hounds of Finn collection, featuring the new line up of Pete McCauley, Michelle MacGregor and Lojo Russo. This is a live performance given at the Celtic Junction in St. Paul, MN on January 31, 2015. This CD has 5 tracks, 4 - Traditional, and one Original. This is packed full of raw primal Celtic energy!

Track Listing: 1. Pretty Peggy 2. Whiskey before Breakfast 3. The Belle of Belfast City 4. Cuckoo's Nest 5. Leaving of Liverpool

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Gravity Pulls CD
  • Gravity Pulls CD
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Released 2013 - Includes 11 newly-recorded tracks, nine of which are original Hounds of Finn compositions.

 Track listing:

  1. Gravity Pulls
  2. Golden Ticket
  3. Ocean
  4. High High Horse
  5. The Wedding Band
  6. Twenty Demons
  7. Wild Mountain Thyme
  8. In God's Country
  9. My Father's Coat
  10. The Fairview Gypsy Reel
  11. Where It Burns
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Songs of Men In Boats 1612-2010 CD
  • Songs of Men In Boats 1612-2010 CD
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Released 2010

1, Arms as Warm as These 03:39
2. Finn's Reel / A Father's Pride 03:10
3.Boys of Killybegs 03:49
4.Hot Asphalt 04:07
5.Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore 06:28
6.Shady Grove 03:01
7.Sunday Papers 03:33
8.Wayfaring Stranger 04:38
9.Foggy Dew 05:49
10.Da Clipe / Paddywagon 05:12
11.South Australia 04:10

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